Monday, September 12, 2005

Yes it’s shiny, stop touching it.

I shaved my head a few days ago and have been trying to keep it that way.  Recently I purchased a new Mach3 vibrating razor and I used it today.  Very close shave, my skin still burns on my little pate.  

And now the wife will not stop touching my head.  I get really claustrophobic in this tiny room, she is right there and now I’m in a tiny little box!!!!  AAAGGHH AND SHE’S PRESSING DOWN ON MY HEAD!!!

See what I mean?  

She made the mistake of telling me about the one time she woke up at 7am and I was talking to her and she thought that the marriage was a big mistake and she should stop the bus.  

This is that time.  

The honeymoon’s over (4 years into the relationship).  Stop touching my head gawdammit.