Friday, September 09, 2005

Its Official Im Broken

It’s Official!  I’m Broken!!!!

Mom, Dad, It’s official.  I’ve got AADHD and the Doc says I have the HD a lot more than the AD.  

So this blog is gonna have a few more things concerning my condition in the future.  

108,000 links for “Adult ADHD” information on Google.  

I like this one:

  Adult ADD Secret RevealedFind Out How Adult ADD Can Lead toGenius, Creativity & Wild Success!

OMG!  That’s so funny.  I’m gonna have to say that’s probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

That one has a lot of good informations.  I’ve also found a Magazine called ADDitude.  I dunno but I may be subscribing soon.

Course I haven’t actually READ anything yet.  I’m taking my second day of my meds today.

Gifts of money are appreciated.  *snicker*

Crisis in Infinite Comics Shops

Crisis in Infinite Comic Shops

So the budget issue has come up again.  We have a set and finite amount of cash.  Unfortunately the comics Industry wants it all.  The whole problem started when Tammy and I got married.  Back home I budgeted my comics before food.  I ate at Mom and Dad’s a lot.  I had a $200.00 a month habit.  

Trust me, I cut back a lot.  

Here’s the big problem, Tammy’s list is short.  Real short. She seems to think that the only thing she needs is the Bat books (including BoP and Catwoman).  

Oh I started with Green Lantern and G.I Joe in the 80’s.  Then I grabbed up the entire 5 books of Superman.  Then I met Wally West, and read that.  It began to spiral from there.  I did Titans, the JSA was offered to me.  Transformers, BFP, Micronauts, and Thundercats all made it to my list.  I was up to 50 titles before I knew it.  No man’s land made me need ALL the Bat Titles.  And then Marvel became cool again.  Suddenly the FF were well done, and JMS was doing Spidey and Avengers were being done by the guy from JSA.  

See what I mean.  

Hi, my name is James and I have an addiction.  I started even speaking in the drug lingo when talking about comics.  I watched X-Men Evolution, Batman beyond and BTAS.  I never missed Lois and Clark, even during the frog eating years.  I went to my dealer to get my fix.  I started getting strung out when I couldn’t be there for the shipment, and everyone else’s Wednesday slump was my two hours of power.  

So when we got married I pruned my list to save us money.  Every single thing she read I read too and I just had added to her list is all.  I’m not an addict, I don’t have a problem.  I can quit when I want to.  But I just don’t want to.  

Every so many months since I married Tammy, she’s been saying “We need to cut back,” usually always during fifth week.  I gave up all the Moonstone books.  I gave up Transformers and any more of the Rising Stars now that JMS is done with it.  I’ve lost the Joes to attrition (there’s only 2 now and I’ve heard the longer running one is shutting down too).  I gave up Flash and Aquaman.  I don’t get JLA or Wonder Woman.  I leave all the minis and the trades alone now, cold turkey.  

Then since I’d had so much overtime and they’d been withholding less in my paycheck than I had needed we’ve been adding more and more back until we topped 50 again.  It isn’t my fault.  Moonstone went and Added Buckaroo Banzai (Peter Weller’s a Professor now, you know?).  Donna Troy’s back, Adam Strange is back and we all love Spider-Girl.  I even added the POWER PACK miniseries.  

But the inevitable has happened.  The pay is cut, we can’t do 130 a month.  We really ought to drop the whole thing cause we’re adults.  But I’ll be damned if I turn in my nerd card.  I fuckin love my comics.  

Here’s the thing.  I can totally feel fine about 30 a week, goin in on Friday mornings and getting my stuff, that is, if the comic shop is right next to my best friend’s place and is 20 miles from my house.  Oakland is another story.  No parking, bad attitudes, College libs.  I fuckin love Oakland, oh yeah.  

If they mailed em to me I’d find a way.  Hell yeah. Driving in and dealing with lib boy.  

The new thinking this argument is 6 for me and 6 for her.  12 titles.  Yeah, I can figure out how to pare down every single title I read and love into 6 titles.  

How to decide?  

The 3 FF (FF, 4, and Ultimate FF), 2 Spideys, JSA, Gotham Central. See that’s 7.  
Ok, so that’s not gonna work.  OK, drop 4 and the Knights Spidey. And I can add back Avengers.  But what about Daredevil?  I totally forgot Astonishing X-Men. Damn.  

I can’t do this!  

Aggh.  I’m goin to bed, bub.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Monday, September 05, 2005

I'm going to post this here since I had been planning to discuss this at and they have a big gag rule on politics and religion. I respect the rules of their site and won't be saying any of this there, but they can pop in and see my true opinions at any time.

Course I do think it's a bit silly considering the whole reason I like the Battletech universe is the Politics and the Religion. Which they can't talk about there, but was a major part of the house books back in the day.

Anyway, About New Orleans. My sincere sympathy to any and all who have lost loved ones. My wife didn't drive until she was 23 and I know that with proper busses and nearby facilities she didn't need to in Chicago, and many of the folks in New Orleans were in the same boat.

The proper time to call in the National Guard would have been Saturday Night. Course the Mayor was doing what exactly? Where was the Governor of the State who could have called them out that day, or the next?

A hypothetical for the Battletech Universe:

Let's say the Mayor of Bobsville on some backwater planet in the Draconis March has a nuke plant go boom. The Mayor of Bobville normally calls the Duke of Backwater Planet number 82 and the planetary militia is sent to help out. Where does Hanse Davion fit in?

Unless something goes horribly wrong on the local level, he doesn't.

Thus endeth the hypothetical.

I think waiting 4 days to let the people in charge screw up and then swooping in to save as many lives is appropriate.

I think that standing in front of a camera in a t-shirt and screaming about how people didn't move fast enough would be a bad display of leadership.

I think that if my hypothetical mayor of Bobville did it, MIIO would have taken care of the problem too... but that's beside the point.

Here are the facts:

Today's Louisiana Army and Air National Guard consists of 74 units spread among 43 cities and towns of the state and numbers some 11,500 Army and Air Guardsmen. As a result
of various reorganizations the present Army Guard is composed of a State Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 204th Area Support Group, the 256th Separate Infantry Brigade, the 225th Engineer Group and various Medical, Maintenance, Aviation, Military Police, Armored Cavalry and Special Forces units and the 156th Army Band.

The National Guard of the United States is the only component of the Armed Forces with a dual federal - state role. The Guard is organized, trained and equipped to be available in times of national emergency, upon the call of the President. It can also be called upon by the Governor for state duty, to preserve peace and order and protect life and property in the event of natural disasters or civil disturbances. The federal Government is responsible for equipping, training and paying the Guardsmen (except the state pays them for active state duty). The state is also responsible for providing
Guard personnel and training facilities.

From the same site

On March 1st, 2004 the 256th Infantry Brigade as alerted for likely deployment to Iraq in late 2004 or early 2005, along with the 42nd Infantry Division, the 116th Armored Brigade, and 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment. The units in question are to be mobilized in the months following in order to conduct training necessary to their mission in Iraq.

So to recap. Here's the grand total of The Lousiana Guard:

State Area Command
61st Troop Command
256th Infantry Brigade (Mech) Deployed
225th Engineer Group
204th Air Traffic Services Group
199th Leadership Regiment
62nd WMD CST - Carville

Jackson Barracks, New Orleans, LA

Official Homepage
Louisiana Army National Guard (Currently Down)

No, they're not "All" in Iraq, libs. And Bush isn't to blame. The Mayor, and the Governor who waited with their thumbs in their mouths are to blame. The Engineers were there. The base is IN the city.