Saturday, August 27, 2005

Dammit Glenn I hadda look it up.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Goofy Shiznit

Goofy Shiznit

The master has always had someone copy his greatness.  But they always fail.  Ninjas are way cooler than CS majors.  It’s just life.  

It’s 9am and Quinn and Rose are on, and they have just made the coolest new keychains!

Yes I’m still playing with my Blogger for Word.  I love how easy it is to add hyperlinks and stuff.  But the second time I used it, I lost the toolbar.  It’s just missing.  So I had to re-install it.  Pain in the butt…

Ok so here’s an email I had forwarded to me from my wife.  I worry about the species.

Hello Freecyclers,

I wanted to ask again if anyone has a small (even just 6" across) desk top fan that you are not using. I would LOVE to have it - I regret often not taking mine from my last job - what was I thinking?!? I would like to use it to circulate air in my closet while I dry herbs.
I'd also like to have a copy of MY LIFE by Bill Clinton. I could take it out from the library, but I would prefer to be able to make marks in it; highlights and such to cut down on note taking. If you have it and are through with it, I'd really enjoy having it.
I'm a frequent responder to wanted ads on freecycle, so I hope that increases my odds of receiving what I'm seeking - as in "what goes around, comes around" ....
With fingers crossed,

Hoo boy.  

And finally now has new fiction.  And very soon you, my poor out of the know reader can buy the fiction at Barnes and Noble.  

I’m playing Guild Wars a lot lately.  Well not a lot, quite a bit is more like it.

So that’s a quick update I guess.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I have a new toy

I have a new toy.  

I just got Blogger for Word.  So right now I’m writing my blog from Office 2003 and totally digging the ease of use and stuff.  

So I decided to test it all out and make it all cool and stuff.  

Pitch Black II – the Mountain Dew flavor is a lot yummier this year.  

I actually posted something over at Ninjas.  Tammy’s been doing a hell of a good job over there for ages.  I finally posted a little How ya doin over there.  

I have no frickin clue how to get the rss feed for to work.  I’m sure it’s cool as shit to read my news feeds and mail anywhere.  

We have 3 bucks in the bank today and I have until Thursday at midnight to survive.  I truly truly need to do something about the lack of funds.  350 was just enough, 298 is scraping teeth to survive, dig?

The Pitch Black Dew, you know, the purple kind; it’s all sour and stuff.  

Back last month over on the Ragemonkey Site, one of the contributors got driven out cause he thought a celebrity was not that bright for following her dreams of cash and joining a cult founded by an author who made a bet with another author about how easy it could be to start a religion.  I swear if I can ever find the article I read it in I’ll link to it.  It was a $50.00 bet and it’s made his widowed wife gillions (that’s so much more than just billions or millions).  I didn’t talk about it before because I didn’t want his diocese to get even more pissed at him due to the badness that happened when he spoke his mind about something as completely inconsequential as a frickin piece of eye candy on celluloid.

Hope the treatments do the job, we’ll miss ya Fadda.

Totally had to add frickin to the word dictionary cause I use it so frickin much.

It’s 2:30 and the sheets are in the dryer so tonight I’m gonna have that exquisite feel of clean sheets on my skin, so I think I’m gonna go take a shower in a minute so I get the full effect from my sheltered suburban childhood when it was so comfy and excellent to have a hot pair of underpants on a just out of the shower body in fresh from the dryer sheets on the tucked in bed.  

If you’ve never done it, I heartily recommend it.

And try the Pitch Black Dew.  You drop an ice in the fizz and it turns blue, man. It’s awesome.  

Oh BTW, Shout out to my favorite webcomics Questionable Content and Ghastly’s comic.  Cept don’t click on Ghastly’s link at work or you could get into some serious trouble. Totally not for the weak.  

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Oh for pete sake I know already.

Geeze, not like there's anyone watching... So I don't blog very often.

I tried to get my sister Toni to blog. And I guess since I couldn't hold up my end of the bargain, she's stopped.

In two days her youngest is like 4 I think. God, I've been in PA for 3 years now. Have I been punished enough yet?

I used to make comments about Kansas like that though. Stupidity is moving back to your home state.

Things I remember about Kansas.

1. Tags were too hard to get done there. Here you have to drive into east liberty and my hummer hasn't got the armor on the chassis to protect against IED's. Sadly I joke, but the gangs have been getting tips from the news about how the syrians are disrupting life for the Iraquis. I'm just waiting for someone to finally find the mortar launchers that make hash of the streets here.

2. I miss steak. I'm sure it wasn't always a 20 buck per person meal to get a fucking steak like it is here. Fish is my new steak. I can but Shark cheaper than I can find a pot roast around here.

3. Hours and hours and hours of driving. The beauty of Kansas is the ability to drive flat out 80mph for 2 hours and still be half an hour away from where you're going. I had music in the car, I had the windows down... I had a great time pretending my car had more controls like a Viper or a f-15 cause I'd have fallen asleep and killed myself with out the distraction.

4. Puppies. I think they stink and they annoy me, but I wish I had one here on my lap.

5. Nieces. See above, but not so much with the stink or annoying. I misses them, my precious.

6. I miss my dad's sense of humor. The dinners at the folks.

7. Totally miss the Warren. Only the fake Imax (remember kids, real IMAX are projected on a dome) at the new and evil mall can hold a candle to the Warren East. Gonna be there in time for the potter movie, we're so gunna spend the 15 a person and I'm gonna have a meal and a martini. It's a special occasion I will have a drink.

Sidebar issue: Tammy's not actually a lush. I just don't drink. I had a very unfortunate experience on my 21st birthday that caused me to just not enjoy it as much as others. I'm not a teatotaler like in the 20's, but I'll only do it on special occasions. Potter at the Warren East will be that special.

Dude, get yer Potter rock on. sick, I know... but fun.

8. Dude, Billy had the best cookouts, and I loved lanpartying at his place.