Saturday, January 15, 2005

Results...: "Nihilist Bear
Nihilist Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
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Rum and Monkey: The Grunty Caveman Test: "Macrauchenia!
Grrr arrr Rum and Monkey."

Totally cause it looked a little bleak without any pics here...


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Wikiwiki wild!

Pick pockets.

Takes a lot of skill to pick someone's pocket. First you have to make sure the mark isn't focused on you. This is harder to do if a person has ADD and there's a flickery tv on, but if you've got an hour you can probably slip your hand in and see what's in the pocket real easy.

If you have that entire hour, you can probably think about it a few times and guess at what's expensive. A keychain with real chain mail forged into a key ring, a superman fop, a Kyle Rayner fop, 2 keys and a keyless entry fop.

You might even say to yourself, I'll just grab the game cart out of the GBA because they'll miss the weight of the GBA and stop me.

If you live in Lawrenceville and have stolen these things, you might think you had a real good night with about 90 bucks of stolen goods to show for a night at King's resturant.

You're not thinking about the fact that the chainmail was given to me by a friend in the Renny scene who hand forged the links and gave it to me as a gift, the Kyle Rayner fop was a present from 2 and a half years ago from the woman who I would later marry. The Superman one from this Christmas from that same woman, my wife.

You're not thinking about the utter pain in the ass of accomplishing 106:45 hours of play time on Poke'mon Leaf Green with all but 6 of the poke'mon captured and everyone close to lvl 55 for my run at the Final Four.

You're not thinking about the changing of locks, the paranoia, the trip to Schultz to find out if I have to change the chip to the car or replace all the damn locks, the power keyless entry system reprogramed and whatnot... You're not thinking about the fact that you've commited a nonviolent crime which makes us want to move back to the damn sticks with my parents and screw the world.

I went 27 years without being robbed once.

Here's to number 4. The pickpocket at 12:15-1am at Kings Family Resturant. Fuck you, you piece of shit Rapper wannabe teenage reason to vote for Roe vs Wade.


Thursday, January 13, 2005

Cyber Sex Is Rediculous Funniest Damn thing I ever read!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

This is a blog which has too small of wordz. It is too smal to reed.Muppetous