Sunday, August 21, 2005

Oh for pete sake I know already.

Geeze, not like there's anyone watching... So I don't blog very often.

I tried to get my sister Toni to blog. And I guess since I couldn't hold up my end of the bargain, she's stopped.

In two days her youngest is like 4 I think. God, I've been in PA for 3 years now. Have I been punished enough yet?

I used to make comments about Kansas like that though. Stupidity is moving back to your home state.

Things I remember about Kansas.

1. Tags were too hard to get done there. Here you have to drive into east liberty and my hummer hasn't got the armor on the chassis to protect against IED's. Sadly I joke, but the gangs have been getting tips from the news about how the syrians are disrupting life for the Iraquis. I'm just waiting for someone to finally find the mortar launchers that make hash of the streets here.

2. I miss steak. I'm sure it wasn't always a 20 buck per person meal to get a fucking steak like it is here. Fish is my new steak. I can but Shark cheaper than I can find a pot roast around here.

3. Hours and hours and hours of driving. The beauty of Kansas is the ability to drive flat out 80mph for 2 hours and still be half an hour away from where you're going. I had music in the car, I had the windows down... I had a great time pretending my car had more controls like a Viper or a f-15 cause I'd have fallen asleep and killed myself with out the distraction.

4. Puppies. I think they stink and they annoy me, but I wish I had one here on my lap.

5. Nieces. See above, but not so much with the stink or annoying. I misses them, my precious.

6. I miss my dad's sense of humor. The dinners at the folks.

7. Totally miss the Warren. Only the fake Imax (remember kids, real IMAX are projected on a dome) at the new and evil mall can hold a candle to the Warren East. Gonna be there in time for the potter movie, we're so gunna spend the 15 a person and I'm gonna have a meal and a martini. It's a special occasion I will have a drink.

Sidebar issue: Tammy's not actually a lush. I just don't drink. I had a very unfortunate experience on my 21st birthday that caused me to just not enjoy it as much as others. I'm not a teatotaler like in the 20's, but I'll only do it on special occasions. Potter at the Warren East will be that special.

Dude, get yer Potter rock on. sick, I know... but fun.

8. Dude, Billy had the best cookouts, and I loved lanpartying at his place.


Blogger TLG said...

Just think of how much you'll appreciate a place that isn't here whenever you move away from the place that is here.

5:31 PM  

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