Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Goofy Shiznit

Goofy Shiznit

The master has always had someone copy his greatness.  But they always fail.  Ninjas are way cooler than CS majors.  It’s just life.  

It’s 9am and Quinn and Rose are on, and they have just made the coolest new keychains!

Yes I’m still playing with my Blogger for Word.  I love how easy it is to add hyperlinks and stuff.  But the second time I used it, I lost the toolbar.  It’s just missing.  So I had to re-install it.  Pain in the butt…

Ok so here’s an email I had forwarded to me from my wife.  I worry about the species.

Hello Freecyclers,

I wanted to ask again if anyone has a small (even just 6" across) desk top fan that you are not using. I would LOVE to have it - I regret often not taking mine from my last job - what was I thinking?!? I would like to use it to circulate air in my closet while I dry herbs.
I'd also like to have a copy of MY LIFE by Bill Clinton. I could take it out from the library, but I would prefer to be able to make marks in it; highlights and such to cut down on note taking. If you have it and are through with it, I'd really enjoy having it.
I'm a frequent responder to wanted ads on freecycle, so I hope that increases my odds of receiving what I'm seeking - as in "what goes around, comes around" ....
With fingers crossed,

Hoo boy.  

And finally now has new fiction.  And very soon you, my poor out of the know reader can buy the fiction at Barnes and Noble.  

I’m playing Guild Wars a lot lately.  Well not a lot, quite a bit is more like it.

So that’s a quick update I guess.


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