Tuesday, April 26, 2005

This year for Pittsburgh Comicon The wife and I stuck to the panels and events.

First off Terry Moore is amazingly articulate and I seriously hope he writes a novel, cause people would seriously be amazed by his skill with words. I am not ashamed to say I read SiP and if you don't then you definitely should.

George Perez and I have the same hairstyle. He talked about New Teen Titans #1 on the baxter paper and why he had a scene with two consenting adults in a bed across from a giant demon trying to eat a deaf guy.

The comic book legal defense league are a bunch of smart, fun and sucessfull people and I really need to learn to run battletech tournaments in order to help them out next year.

Tammy got some great pictures of the sketches at both Friday and Saturday's Quick Sketch event.

I met this artist from Airwave comics with a book called YETS! which is imho one of the cutest damn books I have ever seen, and I so hope to get one of his sculptures for the mantle.

Tammy got hit up by a small press chick for a comic called fear of flight, which is so intensely wicca/fem and "real woman comic" that I almost gagged when I read it, still the lady who wrote the book was very nice and we spent 3 bucks to justify talking with her and her blowing off another artist.

Jen fell asleep during the Ernie Hudson talk. I asked about 10-8, bastard kid killed the show, which happens to the best of them. It was the best thing out there till gery's anatomy came along. Ernie Hudson is a hoot to listen to, he tells it like it is. I got jittery when I shook the guys hand and told him that even though it wasn't the part he signed up for, Winston was the part all us little kids wished we had working for those guys when we were kids. At least I hope that's what it sounded like when I said it.

Oh yeah, and when meeting the Fram brothers who draw the very excellent Knights of the Dinner Table Illustrated, I made a fool of myself and stammered quite a bit.

Pat Oliffe on the other hand we had a conversation with on saturday and on Sunday about his work and how the "stylish" artists just aren't as clean and good looking as his and Ron Frenz's only we didn't tell Ron, who'sactually been drawing Spider-Girl for longer. Tom DeFalco was missing from his booth every time we dropped by so we talked to Pat.

And we had a sketch of an oldschool Nightwing done while we waited by an inker for Marvel. Talk about a fun conversation, he talked nice to a 22 or something inker kid with decent chops and then told us why he would never hire the kid when he left.

He's right though... Inkers used to do a hell of a lot of finishing to make the pencils look good, now the Penciler will do his own inking a lot of the time or the inker will use a computer or just ink it with no real changes to the pencils.

Pretty much a damn Fine weekend.

battybeyond.blogspot.com has a link to the sketches and her side of the weekend.


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