Wednesday, March 23, 2005

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Beleive me I know for a fact that no one cares my opinion about Terri Schindler. It's my blog so I have a few points of interest for anyone who might be googling for this after the case is over.

1. She is not in a persistive vegitative state any more than a downs kid is. She responds, she tries to talk, she becomes excited when her folks come to see her. In contrast she is visibly afraid of her husband the soon to be murderer Michael Schaivo.

2. The Nurse interviewed on monday night on CNN and on Fox and Friends. Anybody going to research this? They had numerous accounts that he was blocking her treatment, stalling progress and if this nurse is to be believed actively poisoning Terri. A doctor has come out saying that the brain damage may have been from an attempted strangling.

3. We only have his word. This is right out of an episode of Boston Legal:

"Schmidt Happens"
Air Date: 01/09/2005

Founding Crane, Poole & Schmidt partner Shirley Schmidt (Candice Bergen) returns to the firm to help bring order to the chaotic office. The firebrand Schmidt proves to be a formidable adversary to Alan Shore, and gets under the skin of Denny Crane, with whom she has a checkered history. Meanwhile, Lori represents a Sudanese native who sues the U.S. government for lack of action in the face of the horrific atrocities being committed in his country, and Alan Shore defends a man who killed his mother in a fit of rage, hitting her over the head with a skillet.

Specifically the skillet hitting guy. Bernie in an effort to cover up what he did tells people that his mom is a christian scientist and does not want to have any medical assistance.

A reviewer of the show over at TV tome said this

One of the things that separates Alan from the other attorneys of the firm - especially Brad and Lori - is his willingness to take any case, despite how impossible it may seem to win or how morally challenging it is to do what's best for your client instead of simply doing what's best. Here is no exception. Without any proof that Bernie Ferrion would be able to pay the firm's hefty paycheck, and with a guilty verdict almost positively attached should the case make it to court, Alan takes the case anyway. He doesn't draw a line - he sees only someone who needs legal counsel. He is capable of offering that - it's his job. He likes his job. So he takes the case. Bernie seemed like a nice guy; a little effeminate, an annoying voice, but at his core, a kind soul. Alan saw that too - and I would really like to believe that over the many years spent living with his mother, a rage just kept builidng up that he was forced to subdue, until he couldn't hold it in anymore. He snapped, and he popped his unapproving mother in the back of the head with a cast-iron frying pan. I wish there was some uncanny symbolism there, but I can't really find anything that a skillet might represent. Anyways, Alan's a good sport (as he usually is when it comes to dealing with paying customers) and plays along with Bernie's charade about Alan being a friend of the family. Too bat there's nothing more suspcicous than an assaulted woman on the floor, a delayed 911 call, and a lawyer on the scene, or Bernie might never have even been considered a suspect, and he might have gotten off...oh, wait. He did get off. Sure, it was on a technicality, but that sure is better than nothing. Something tells me (maybe it's the promos for the next new episode...) that his newfound freedom from his overbearing mother won't lead to him to lead a quiet, peaceful rest-of-his-life. One would think almost being convicted for the murder of your own mother would scare you straight - not this guy.

So she's dead, she's alive, she's vegitative, she's alive again, and then she's dead. Buit Bernie gets off and so will Mike Schaivo.

4. Each one of the 120 judges who have seen this case so far are going to be acomplices to murder because any moron with a pulse will know that there's a reason Mikey's shacked up with another woman and "remembered" Terri's so called wishes for death days before his engagement to another woman.

5. Mike's devorced her about 3 ways now if he'd been in any other society.
A) By being an adulterer while his wife still lives.
B) For being engaged to another woman while his wife still lives.
c) For having 2 kids with the alive adultress engaged person while his wife still lives... seeing a pattern.

He's not a good husband, he's not even a slightly decent husband. He's a murderer trying to get rid of the evidence as soon as he can.

6. Terri's a Catholic. A request to die like Mikey's claiming is the same as the mortal sin of Suicide, and a Catholic (which she was up intil she became brain damaged in a strange but so far not investigated way) would most definitely not ask for suicide. Euthenasia is a sin. Murder is a sin. Abortion is a sin. Sadly it's killing another human being. Killing is against the laws of man and God. Ok? Not only that but by denying her any food including the communion of Last Rites is against the law because it's infringing on her professed religious rights. Not to mention that Catholics don't beleive in cremating/ will only cremate in special circumstances and do not scatter the ashes.

I think I've made 6 points here that show that this is not only suspicious and wrong but should be stopped.

In other news. I'm thinking of starting a new company to draw up living wills for the elderly. Cause if Mikey Schaivo gets away with it, you're next mom and dad.


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