Monday, March 14, 2005 : STAR WARS EPISODE 3: TRAILER ONLINE!!

Here's what's wrong with the world...

George Lucas's masterpiece of computer graphics and animation "Revenge of the Sith" comes out in only 2 months.

You can see the trailer here .

But what the hell happens when you let the liberal marxists talk about "the empire?" you give them another way to bash the President of our nation.

In case anyone was wondering. I'm an American. I vote Republican. I belonged to the Boy Scouts of America until the age of 18. I am a Catholic. I was an Alter Server until the age of 13 and am currently serving as an Usher for my Parish. I was born and raised in Kansas, Texas, Georgia and on an Air Force Base in Europe. I freely admit I believe in Peace through Strength. I believe my father and his job kept us safe during the cold war.

So I may be biased when I look at the man currently occupying the Office of the President. I think he's an honest, strong willed American; an open book who can be counted on to not have a hidden agenda.

52% of the American voting population agree with me. That's A Clear Majority.

The first link I gave today is for the teaser trailer for Episode 3. My reason for outing myself as an Evil Conservative. There's some sort of discussion about how the movie will suck serious ass, and we won't even get to see Portman's hot abs again to mollify the pain.

Trust me I don't care about this series anymore. Used to be, but the hype is dead. The parts I enjoyed in the show were mostly the hotness of Portman, and the blue skinned jedi chick from the comics. Everyone knows that the original holy trilogy is canonised by time and petroleum jelly on the camera lenses to make hovercars look real was the charm.

The part that started this rant? Oh yeah...

What the hell are these nerds doing talking politics on a thread for a freakin teaser trailer. Do I need to have it proven to me yet again that anyone who lives outside of the US believes that our current sitting president is evil? Do I care that they are relating this information they get from their leaders who have all been implicated in some way or another in the Oil for Food Program? Does it have to be pointed out that the reader of this blog who gets all indignant and pissed off about my views has not taken the time to look up the facts that were

1) WMD's
2) Bee Rooms and other tortures done to innocents.
3) Insane Dictators who needed to be put down.
4) The War on Terror including the war on their bank accounts and sympathisers.

Nope. I just don't need to see it. I live in a swing state so for a full frickin year and a half we had the information presented to us in so many spins that when an intelligent person looks at 3 sources and sees the same 3 facts but each source puts different influences on it you can read between the lines to see what the bias is.

An Example.

Little Jonny walks into the room. Mom hands him a cookie. Jonny Eats the cookie. Says, "Thank you," and goes out to play.

In the news tonight, little Jonny has been given a cookie by his mother. Cookie sales are down. Mother satisfaction rating is up. Why are more mothers making Cookies from scratch?(Source one, economics spin)

This just in, Jonny's mother wants him to be Fat and should be ashamed of herself for giving him a cookie made with sugar and real milk. (Source two, health care liberal spin)

In a breaking story, Jonny's mother abused Jonny into a diabetic coma after serving him cookies. Social Services are investigating allegations of neglect and child abuse. (CBS news)

Am I making my point clear? Find the Gawdam facts before you believe some guy on TV. I dont fracking care about your opinion until you give me evidence that A) jonny was a fat kid B) Jonny's mom made the cookie from scratch. or C) Diabetes is prevalent in Jonny's family.



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