Friday, December 31, 2004

Ok, gosh $39k for 5 acres in another part of the State.
She wants to live in Texas and own a horse.

I want her in tight jeans and a puffy pink coat, Lana Lang... but um yeah. Lana must have a feckin big inheritance.

See, Tammy it's expensive just in Maryland. and you wanna go do it in Texas... *sigh* 24 acres... Price: $2,800,000.00 ok that's a feckin lot of zeroes.

I want nothing more than a chair that doesn't make my legs hurt. I want nothing more than to love my wife, and to know she loves me back. I want the bank to call me and tell me I have a problem so I can say "just hold it till Friday when the auto pay hits" The damn auto pay hits EVERY GOD DAMN WEEK THE SAME DAY. Think aboiut customer fucking service.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Um, yeah. Hi blog.

Blog, this is my new computer. HP, this is my blog.

So, we're aquainted again.

Here's the story. Probably about the 14 or 15th of November when I'm buyin myself another Sims expansion for my birthday (check last year for the "what happened on Nov 18th thingy") the damn gigounda computer I kitbashed myself and have been heaping wal-mart and hot topic stickers for 4 years started crapping out on me.

Search for something for me, Big guy, I'd say. It'd think a minute and reboot in my face as if to laugh. Needless to say, this made me cry.

I shut off the machine for like a month. Read 6 books, ran around trying to keep the place picked up and SORTED MY 6000 COMICS. Ok, yeah I surf the net a lot and it keeps me outta trouble.

Then one day in December, my wife says, well if you can't get the part you need (we theorised that it was a memory problem cause every time it had to think it rebooted and I have an ASUS K7 board in. They use PC100 ram chips and nobody sells one for the K7A just K7M and above.) then you oughta just get a new machine.

So I did. And here's Bun Bun the wonder puter from corprate cube land. Or HP for short.

And that's my story about how I've been gone a while and now have a new 'puter.