Saturday, October 16, 2004

Ok so I wanted to learn more about weblogs and what it is I should be doing with this forum of me.

Gosh that sounds pretentious. Let's try this instead. Why don't I have anything to say? What should I be using this thing for? Back ten years ago I would have thought I had something to say every week. I used to be an editor for a college newspaper OP-Ed section. Back then I could see the wind blowing and knew that "Objective journalism" was a pipedream. So I quit and went into education.

That was dumb of me for several reasons but I don't wnt to digress so I'll just say that back then I had opinions and well thought out ones at that. Back ten years ago (when I was twenty) I had the desire to express myself.

What the hell happened to me?

So honestly I went looking for reasons why I have this blog and stumbled across this "Statement of Audience"

Statement of Audience---------------------

I realize that nothing I say matters to anyone
on the entire planet. My opinions are useless and unfocused. I am
expert in nothing. I knownothing. I am confused about almost
everything. I cannot, as anindividual, ever possibly know everything, or
even enough to make editorialcommentary on the vast vast majority of things that
exist in my world. This is a stupid document; it is meaningless drivel
that I do not expect any of the several billion people on my planet to actually
read. People who do read my rambling, incoherent dumbfuckery are probably
just as confused as I am, if not moreso, as they are looking to my sorry ass for
an opinion whenthey should be outside playing Frisbee with their dog or screwing
their lifepartner or getting a dog or getting a life partner. Anyone who
actuallytakes the time to read my bullshit probably deserves to ingest my fucked
up and obviously mistaken opinions on whatever it is that I have written
Signed: ------------

The rest of this guy's essay is pretty funny and I realise that I actually don't have any audience (or won't after mom reads this one and gets offended by the above statement I lifted from Here). So I should probably not worry about why I'm rambling or why I'm even producing information to the vast waste of electricity known as the internet.

There's an awful lot of sick crap *on the internet and I'm just a drop in the bucket, y'know?

So back to the matter at hand. What am I here for? Why is this blog wasting space on the net?

OK so Here's the facts: According to this site

What is a weblog?
A weblog (sometimes called
a blog or a newspage or a filter) is a webpage where a weblogger (sometimes
called a blogger, or a pre-surfer) 'logs' all the other webpages she finds
The format is normally to add the newest entry at the top of
the page, so that repeat visitors can catch up by simply reading down the page
until they reach a link they saw on their last visit.
(This causes some
minor, unavoidable confusions when the logger comments on an earlier link that
the visitor hasn't reached yet.)

Interesting. So honestly I should be using
this site not as a journal of my thoughts but as a collection of links for you to surf with.

Although you can use it as a journal
because of this:

How is a weblog different from an online journal?
Happily, the line between
journal and weblog is perfectly blurred. One of the greatest pleasures of
reading weblogs is getting to know their editors.

So I know I should use this blog to pimp the things I find on the net and for things I want others to read or do.

Things like Battlecorps my new forum hang out.

But possibly also things like this Vampirella walpaper I found which is cool.

Then I remember that from above, no one is reading my blog. So I wonder if I should just say how I feel about the things or if I'm just making a list for myself.

And I thought to myself, should I then create a seperate journal to give people my feelings on a subject? Or should I just put up some kind of counter and feedback section like my wife Tammy has on her blog. I kind of mentioned once before that she's better at journaling than me. She actually does have people read her stuff. She's also coherant and posts regularly, which is also something I don't do.

In other news... My boxers just split and I'm feelin breezy...

Back to the matter at hand... This site Blogging101 says

A very good question - what is a blog? Officially, the term is "web log" - i.e. a record of day-to-day event of an individual maintained on the Internet. It is common for people (not many in today's fast and furious world) to keep a diary or a recording (as in "The Dracula" where the main protaganist maintained a diary using a dictaphone) of the daily happenings. With wide popularity of the Internet, it was but obvious that this hobby should invade the live of the on-line community. And a mighty invasion, it has become - evident from the large number of blogs that are currently maintained across the Internet.

Yes it does seem like everybody who had their own personal site back in 1994 cause html2 and html3 were so big now have a blog instead. It's better than the old homesteads were (or are now, eugh geocities has gone to the dogs once they got bought out) and even the search engines we used to have are barely any use now.

I'm gonna start sounding like an old fogey, get over it. In 1994 when I was a BBS sysop for my college, Yahoo actually was how people surfed. It had none of the news junk or commerce junk. It was a well kept, up to date, list of sites aranged by common searchable keywords.

Look under Quantum Leap and you got a huge list of active links which took you to Quantum Leap fan sites and fan fiction pages. I used it to find such gems as Sam leaping into the Mystery Science Theater 3000 show as Joel and having to watch something awful like Manos: Hand of Fate . Or the one where Sam leaps into Bonnie from Knight Rider, or even the Sam is the Doctor from Doctor Who. That was fun. These things are all dead links now and the dot matrix printer I was using is a boat anchor in Missoula. The paper from that printer has long since become too light to read.

The point is that it's not easy to just Surf anymore. You can't just look for "Boobies" (hey ten years ago I wasn't married, ok?) and get lots of nice pictures. Now if you try it you better have a crap load of spyware removers and virus protection on your machine. Pop up blockers are almost as annoying as the pop ups themselves with what they will and won't block.

So in conclusion, I'm going to continue to use my blog here as a sort of "Look at the crap I found" list and to rant when I feel like ranting. Nothing as exciting as finding your own mission statement when you're bored on a Saturday afternoon, huh.

*Ok that wasn't sick crap, It might have been useful to you. However it was funny that you'd immediately click it and be hoping to see communist scat videos. (Because only Commies poop in each others mouths as my wife says)


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