Monday, May 31, 2004

Memorial day

A day where I, a half blind, wheezing, alllergy ridden civilian , take the time out of my life to listen to the stories and to thank each and every vet I can find. This is a day that I go to a cemetary I've never been and stop and pray for each gravestone I see with a flag on it.

These people died so you can have your commission to politicize their deaths. These people died so Peter David can rail on about the way the president is screwing things up. (He's not right in my opinion, but Pete gets to live after having his say because soldiers died to stop evil men and death squads that happen daily in 3rd world countries like Iraq. Pete's a great writer too BTW so skip the political stuff like I do and enjoy his blog.)

These people died to allow dumb asses like Mike Moore to have his stupid movie in which he lies quite a bit about 911 and makes the martyrdom of New Yorkers who were just minding their businesses into some sort of political thing. Get a fucking clue, Mike. Way to profit off of tragedy, you capitalist.

Anyway, as soon as I can get my wife out of bed I plan to go do exactly that. Then I plan on eating a piece of flesh of an animal. Cooked cow is soooo tasty.

Peace be with you, and take the time to let a vet know that their sacrifice was worth it, no matter your politics.


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