Saturday, April 03, 2004

OK!! This is weird! I found out I have an old dead blog under my previous incarnation as warrabbit. Here ya go...

I found it when I posted this to my blog and it went to the wrong place. keen huh...

:: Saturday, April 03, 2004 ::

Google Search: catholic electronica music

Ok what the Hell. There's no Catholic Techno? I'd have figured that Fr. Chapponis would have spun a few mixes of his Jubiliation mass once or twice. But nope. I don't see it. it's not on the web.

Makes me wonder how hard it is to learn to do those remixes with the software they have out there now.

I wonder if Elizabeth Jane at the church would help.

Makes you think....
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Plus Size Lingerie - Sexy Plus Size Lingerie Now At 3 Wishes Lingerie - Plus SizeHoly Yikes!!!

Tammy passed this site to me. Please let me die now. She said pick one.
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Once again, it's like 10 minutes till I have to go to work and I feel compelled to write something.

I truly hate my new bank. I was told by the fellow I signed up with that in order to get around the 4 day waiting period because my paycheck comes from Bank of America I would simply have to cash the check and then put it in the account. But when I got to Craig Street at the branch with the snooty lady, I was told that I could only take 100 and come back Thursday.

A fucking Bank of America Check?

Tammy is taking it in stride, since she has had it happen to her. I've never been so insulted in my life. I told them I only needed the account to be there to cash my checks and use them immediately. I also said no fees.

Back home our Bank was very cool with that kind of thing. They treated me like I knew what I was doing, they didn't have 200 fees and such to milk your check out and they let you cash your paycheck. I only wanted the damn account to have a place to cash my paycheck. PNC Bank no longer has my favor, and I've heard everyone else is just as bad.

The saga continues as I have to head out to that hole of a job.

33 Issues, 7 currrent, 20 past due. Just shoot me.
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KDOT Non-Interactive RCRS Maps I talk everyday about missing Kansas. Just look today, I'm not missing it much now. It's a lot warmer here with 21degree weather and wind.

We set the date with the priest. The church is officially ours on May 20 @4pm. We had our first meeting. The first meeting is as simple as "I need baptism records and to make sure you have everything in order. See you after the first of the year." all that work and it took 10 minutes.

We need more coffee. I'm having to do 12 hr shifts in the next week to make up for what I missed with Thanksgiving and monday's half day. I'm sure everyone realizes that I hate working for PRC. I am currently 2 minutes away from being let go, due to lousy training for the new supes. The dumb ass painted herself into a corner. She shows me my numbers once, then says the next day that I have a pattern and writes it up as a verbal.

Anyone who doesn't do this for a living needs to know that the process for getting fired is coach, verbal, written and then walk. A supervisor has as many opportunities for coaching as she wants to use before she goes for the documentation. She decided 1 was enough.

Now since this is only 30 days into our 90 day trial period, I still have no obligation to buy their shit. There is no benefit package. On the training we were told that that shit doesn't kick in for a year. The trainers contradicted all written materiel and said 6 months. Guess who I believe. Yeah. Written is king.

Meanwhile because it's fuckin christmas I have to keep going. Good luck to all.

Screw you guys I'm Going Home. - Eric Cartman
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Ok it's November 18th 1974, I'm cold. I'm wet. I really want back into the apartment I was just evicted from, and these people take me in. One of them is celebrating his birthday, and the other looks like she had a watermellon surgically removed from her tummy. I can't quite see straight and everything is too freaking bright. Happy birthday to me.

28 years later, I'm in a big city. I have a beautiful woman who I'd kill for, and who would do the same for me. I hate it here because the streets are too narrow and people stop to park wherever they like. I had my first day at my new shift. I feel like it was only a half day. I'm too used to 10 hr shifts.

Stash recieved: German christmas candy (gingerbread and molasses cookies and hearts) Imported from hanover. I reccomend you find some of this at Wal-Mart it's so good and bittersweet so not overpowering like a chocolate santa or something. Lord of the Rings the 5 disc boxed set with the bookends!!! Attack of the clones dvd and a pocket watch. Tammy's mom got it for me. It was the most practical and thoughtful thing I've gotten in 10 years, considering that my last 3 watches died from impacts with my wrist.

My sister sent artwork from the bestest 3 yr old neice I ever had, Brianna (Bananna). She drew my glasses and my bald head when I was there during the summer and look like g gordon liddy. more importantly, she wrote my name.

I love those guys. I wanna go home. But not without my Tammy.

Smell ya later, i'm watchin Frodo.

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Blog it

You need a place to put your stuff. You need a thing to clean your brain.

But by the time we're stunned by buffy and blown away by Smallville, do we have the urge to write? Nope.

Tomorrow: The dreaded wedding meeting with the priest.
Also: Comics day.

I only got 3rd place in the mechwarrior game. I suck fierce.
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Important news... The wedding is on May 20th. Color me suprised we wanted to do it on a Tuesday.

Andrea hooked me up with a new template and a shout out. now you really can ask me things.

I sat in class today and did absolutely nothing. Hope and Andrea sat there thick as thieves and Scott lost his lunch I think and is going to sue the company. Pretty normal day in training. Monday we do the nesting thing where I get to shine. I think several people will not be back.

So, I'm setting my Tammy's friend Joel up with our illustrious Andrea. If they don't have fun I'll shoot him. Or at least make him cry. (No I'm not actually violent, geez). She likes Indian food, Danny Elfman music, Who's Line (british) and Amaretto sours. Definitely my sister. I have got to get these girls together.

In case you wanted to know, I do post my fan fiction over at so look for me there.

There's a lot to do this weekend. Get blown up at Phantom of the Attic is the first thing. I'm in a mechwarrior tourney this week on Sunday. I'll post results sunday night. I also have a lot of cleaning to do and my beautiful Tammy is working Saturday, so I'll probably just sit around and drink myself into a story. Lord knows I need to.

The good news, my faithful fans (both of you who read this) will get to see when I write stuff.

Ok I'm just easing into this.

I'll post more if I get a bug up my rear bout it.
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