Thursday, November 13, 2003

Quick... someone think of a title!

My wife's Blog.

*sigh* she's been blogging more than me, again.

It's thursday. I'm home alone. I just worked like 6 days straight at my new office. Promotions are kewl. I make a whole 30 cents more and have a much better chair.

I said something Stupid on the Master's Soapbox last Monday and the Mods are reading my posts. So when I have a sarcasm later that day they get all over me, and I haven't been back in 4 days.

Very much wanted to, but I noticed I'm not late to work if I just don't go to the soapbox.

Besides I'm married, why am I looking at Boring Adult conversation. Y'know, boobies and sex jokes. I need to focus that attention on my wife. I see her so often that I usually hear things by blog before she tells me in person.
And that's why I'm sitting in the dark listening to Opera Babes. I miss my boo.

Ok now for the part you have been waiting for. I'm going to tell you about my hobbies some more.

Uh.... Nevermind... I haven't had the time. I'm planning on playing an obscene amount of Earth and Beyond in a few minutes, right after I do my chores for the day.

All Hail the Master!

More to follow..


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