Thursday, October 16, 2003

Well I see there is another pathetic attempt to create a blog, James. You realise that you won't keep up with it. You are doomed, man. DOOOOOOMED....

Yup, like every other slacker who thinks he can be funny on a daily basis I am trying to write in a blog again. God help me.

Click my link from yesterday to give me more soldiers. Check out my favorite webpage game Ravenblack vampires and then go check out the site of the Master who commands me.

And pretty much that's me. Today is Thursday and tomorrow is payday at EHS where I work as a lowly peon. I'm married, a BAC poster and I collect things.

I can not find my reg codes to Earth and Beyond, and I keep paying for the game!!!! I love that game!!!!

Time for work, ttyl


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