Sunday, October 19, 2003

Obstacle (to your winning the Prize) #15 reporting in...

Leo, who is an excellent person and an all around fun guy, kicked my ass today at Mechwarrior. I hate when he does that, but he does it so well, I love playing him. At some point we ended up shouting out anime style fight move combos while singing Pavoroti style "My Mech is gooing to kick you." Oh no he's not" "Oh Yes He is'" To the tune of Finiculee, finicula (which I can't spell). Others made mention that it would cost us fellowship votes because we were using psycological warfare.

It worked. I swept the next two rounds ending my day with 7 vc and 2 wins.

I spent about 50 on mechs and comics. I told Tammy about the comics, she can read about the mechs here.

I just reinstalled Earth and Beyond and have been playing my 5 characters finally. I'll detail out my characters in later posts. Like a true nerd I plan on being detailed about their lives and fleshing out characters. Just not today.

Finally, I have read all the comics I picked up today. It was about 15 titles this week. Ultimate Spider-Man was among the top 3 of the stack. I seriously dig on the Ultimate Aunt May. She's awesome.

Dont forget to click my recruit page to help me beat down on my friends and neighbors and my vampire page is kinda neat too. He used to have a zombie page, but I haven't seen it up lately.

Anyway It's time to go to church, see ya soon, bloggies.


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